Additional Services

Find Out How We Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Learn about air duct cleaning and more in Lithonia, GA or the surrounding area

Want cleaner air in your home or business? From air quality equipment installation to air duct cleaning, Citywide HVAC Specialists, LLC provides a wide variety of additional HVAC services that can improve your indoor air quality.

We offer services relating to:

  • Ductwork
  • Air purifiers
  • UV ray lights
  • Bathroom exhaust vents
  • Dehumidifiers and humidifiers
We also offer duct cleaning services in and around Lithonia, GA. Get cleaner interior air today by calling 770-604-1333 for HVAC services.

Why clean your dryer vents regularly?

There are multiple advantages to our dryer vent cleaning services. For example, keeping up with your annual cleaning service will help you:

  • Save money by preventing expensive dryer repairs
  • Protect your family by reducing the risk of appliance fires
  • Lower your monthly power bills by making your unit more efficient
Want your dryer to last longer and dry your clothes faster? Schedule a dryer vent cleaning service in the Lithonia, GA area today.