Maintenance Programs

Where to Get HVAC Maintenance Services in or Around Lithonia, GA

Join one of our maintenance programs for reliable services twice a year

Like your car, your HVAC system needs routine maintenance to continue running efficiently. That's why Citywide HVAC Specialists, LLC offers HVAC maintenance programs for home and business owners in Lithonia, GA and the surrounding areas. With our seasonal plan, you'll receive maintenance services once every spring and fall.

Set up your seasonal maintenance plan by calling 770-604-1333 to speak with a member of our team today.

Benefits of routine HVAC maintenance

Our HVAC expert has over 20 years of experience performing inspections and maintenance work on heating and cooling systems in the Lithonia, GA area. With our seasonal maintenance programs, you can:

  • Prevent expensive HVAC system repairs and replacements
  • Increase the life of your HVAC systems
  • Save money on your energy bills by increasing your unit's efficiency
When you sign up for one of our HVAC maintenance plans, you'll also receive discounts on future repairs. To learn more about our maintenance programs, contact us today.



We will perform two seasonal system Tune-ups annually (Belt and filter replacement included)


  • Check operating head pressure, suction pressure and super head
  • Check condenser for coil blockage
  • Check compressor
  • Check indoor air filter for proper operation
  • Inspect accessible areas for signs of leaks and rust
  • Confirm refrigeration charge is correct
  • Check Hi & Low pressure safety controls
  • Oil condenser fan motor, Confirm that outdoor fan blade is free of vibration and not bent
  • Confirm all installed time delays function properly
  • Inspect compressor terminal wiring; Confirm no signs of burning, overheating, brittle insulation, or pinching exist; Inspect start and run capacitors for signs of arcing and deterioration


  • Oil indoor blower motor (if needed and can be oiled)
  • Check indoor blower motor amp draw in heating speed
  • Check indoor thermostats
  • Check for signs of poor electrical connections
  • Check indoor blower wheel for dirt and balance
  • Check all fuses and breakers
  • Check limit and safety controls
  • Check control transformers output voltage and/or FLA
  • Check indoor blower motor bearings & shaft
  • Check indoor blower motor run capacitor
  • Confirm all furnace covers are correctly installed
  • Check crankcase heater, Confirm operational
  • Check combustion air
  • Check heat Exchanger for cracks

Remember, just as your vehicle needs regular maintenance to protect its' parts, so does your home or business comfort system!!

*Annual Pricing (new plans):
1 system- $158;
2 systems- $248;
3 systems- $305

Commercial - pricing differs based on system specs.

It's not just about service... it's about saving you money, extending the life of your heating and cooling system and ensuring your system performs efficiently in peak climates.